About Bacchus LIVE

I would be lying if I said I did not always dream of having a jazz club of my own. It all started In 7th grade when I was invited to a party with a classmate whose dad used to drive us to parties while playing KKGO with Chuck Niles. I’m not sure what song I heard, but I had never heard such music before. It made a big impact on me.

Fast forward to recent day and I’m still a huge jazz fan, in addition to many other music genres. I am lucky enough to have met Jeff Hamilton through the restaurant business and share our love of wine, food and music. Mr. Hamilton asked if he could have his birthday party at The Eatery location on Allen and his wife Joanie arranged for a trio to play. The trio included pianist Tamir Hendleman and bassist Christoph Luty. They swung the night away that night and I thought, “I have to do this again!” First, it was a fun show. Second, it was the blend of the food and wine element with the music to make an amazing night.

Several shows followed at The Eatery, but space was limited. As Bacchus’ Kitchen started to take shape as a restaurant, I hoped the acoustics would work for more music in the larger venue. The musical gods were looking down on me because it has all come together with a stage, lighting and some of the top acts in the music business who have established Bacchus Live. In the summer of 2015, the amazing musicians Graham Dechter, Katie Thiroux and Matt Whitek became our artistic directors. Once again the musical gods were looking down and said, “Let’s make sure this place keeps going with top tier music.” Yes, the Roman god Bacchus was a jazz lover too!

Our dear friends that have performed at BacchusLIVE:

John Clayton, Gerald Clayton, Benny Green, Eric Reed, Larry Goldings, Jeff Hamilton, Matt Chamberlain, Rafael Barata, Justin Kauflin, Alfredo Rodriguez, Larry Fuller, Mike Wofford, Petere Bernstein, Graham Dechter, Anthony Wilson, New West Guitar Group, Ken Peplowski, Walter Smith III, Sara Gazarek, Tierney Sutton, Barbara Morrison, Katie Thiroux, Tamir Hendelman, Akiko Tsuruga, Lori Bell